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I’m sure you’ll remember that I started a course at treatments  at Face Camp with Face Gym at Selfridges the week before last see original post here.  I promised to keep you updated as to how it went and here are the shots.

Can you see any difference?

Both taken first thing before applying any makeup – arggghh!
I’ll let you decide whether my skin looks any better as I try to be as objective as possible.  The “work” I had done was on my jawline, with the main aim of reducing puffiness.  I also was hoping for a more even skin tone.  It was ridiculously hard to get 2 identical pictures as the light has changed since 2 weeks ago and also I have re-highlighted my hair, even pulling the same face was really hard!
I have worn a lot less foundation since I started the treatment, really only using concealer under the eyes and around my nose.  I feel that my jawline has definitely improved.  I think this is something you would need to get done regularly for the results to be maintained though.  Here is a makeup shot so you can see what I looked like after the treatments (I wear makeup most days)

What were the food suggestions like?

I was given a detailed plan of food and drinks to consume between appointments and I am sorry to say I mostly failed on this.  The main guidelines were to avoid gluten, dairy, caffeine and alcohol which I think is too tall an order for a dedicated french style eater like me.  I love all things bread, cheese, coffee and wine, so I was pretty much going to fail no matter what.  I did however manage to triple the amount of fruit and veg I consumed.  Here are a few of the lunches I ate, please excuse the photography, I am not a food blogger for good reason.

Ha Ha! luckily this feta, courgette & mint frittata tasted a lot better than it looked.
Ultra-predicatble avo on toast with egg & pink pickled onions (look at my very un-instagram friendly bread)

Roasted Butternut Squash, Sunblush Tomatoes, Red onion, Avocado, Feta and Rocket Salad.

Overall I liked the recipes in provided, but I really wasn’t a fan of the smoothies and juices as I only really drink water, coffee and wine in my “normal” life, so anything sloppy and sweet are not my thing. It all reminds me too much of baby food so I stuck to the eating my vege’s and fruits whole as nature intended.  I must also mention the no alcohol was a complete fail.

Would I go back for more treatment, and which would you choose?

I would definitely return if I had a big event coming up.  I left the treatment without any redness and so it’s ideal as it can be done on the same day as an important event.  I think the Radio Frequency has the biggest effect on my skin and so I would go mainly for that and the massage, I would also try something new just to see what it’s like.  I would probably go for the Front Row Face as it includes a super deep cleanse and a peel, I like that it’s only £120 too.

I was overall very impressed with the treatments and the 2 ladies who provided them  It was a lovely relaxing experience and it helped me raise my game with regards to what I eat and thinking about it in terms of my skin not just my health and waist.  I am very happy with results and will be bearing it in mind for when I next need a pick me up.  I really liked the convenience of it and that it was non invasive.

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