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Every New Year, I  embark on a programme of mass organisation.  I spend hours writing out lists, labelling things and categorising, to create the ULTIMATE organisation tool.  A bit like the perfect handbag, the perfect organisational set up is a myth, but one I will keep on chasing!

Inspired by this great post  I decided to rekindle my love of Filofaxes (Filofaxi??) with this patent pink beauty.


I have collected together all these bits and bobs to make a bag for all my “work’ needs.  In total it cost a jot under £40 which I think is pretty good value for money.

  • Cute gold striped diary from M&S in the January Sales, it was only £3.  
  • Quote notepad by Eccolo – TK Maxx (it actually has a slight smudge on the cover and so I negotiated it down to £5 from £6.99).  
  • Filofax from Paperchase £23
  • Pencil case from Amazon 88p!!! I know!
  • Cute matching pen from Paperchase -£2
  • Washi Tape from here £4.50 for 3 – used to customise the tabs
  • The bag I have had for years and has been holding homework related books on the back of my office doors, I think it was from New Look.  

The front insert, was just something I quickly created on Word.


I am really happy with this, as I can take the Filofax out and about with me due to it’s small size.  The bag I use to transport all this from Office, to lounge, to bedroom.  It’s like a portable office!

I have a separate diary to the one from my Filofax because this is regularly laid out on the kitchen counter as it is the main family diary.  All the children’s school events and clubs are in it along with my Husband and my social goings on (whoever writes their night out in the diary first, forgoes having to pay for the babysitter if we have 2 events on at the same time)


When it comes to workflow, I can’t recommend this book by Dave Allen enough, I have a had a copy on my desk for over 10 years and he really nails it when it comes to helping us all tame the information overload.  I also recommend Leo Babatua great productivity posts on his Zen Habits blog.

Links for organisation nerds like me;

Simply Organised for some serious organisation porn.
Strange & Charmed – for Filofax enthusiasts

I know this is a bit of a change from my usual beauty ramblings but I wanted to share my love of stationary with you as I am not just about beauty products and food.

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