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A saw this Tag over at Sailboat and had to join in because I LOVE Autumn.  BTW how cool are these leaves for falling of in nice neat rows, one of those rare moments you just have to catch.

What is your favourite seasonal drink from a high street coffee chain?

I am not a big fan of seasonal flavoured coffees etc.. the only exception being the Creme Brûlée latte from Costa.  I pretty much stick to the same thing everyday (grande, skinny, one shot latte, to have in) I like habits, they make me feel safe, which is why I still haven’t dared to try soya milk in my lattes yet.  As a special treat I do like to add whipped cream and Salted Pecan Slice though.

Accessories – What do you opt for, boots, scarf or gloves?

The accessories are my main reason for loving Autumn  I have a ridiculously large collection of  scarves, long fingerless gloves and winter boots.  I justify this total over-the-topness by living in the UK, and not liking wearing coats (I’m a Northern lass at heart)

Music – What do you listen to in the Autumn?

Apart from Christmas songs and Summer hits, my listening habits don’t really change due to the seasons.  I like Kiss FM in the car, Radio 4 in the Kitchen and Spotify at the computer.

Perfume – What is your favourite scent this time of year?

My Husband just bought me back a Jimmy Choo fragrance from New York and I really like it.  I like it so much that it is my current “going out” fragrance which means that I only wear it a couple of times a week.  It is the EDP not EDT and it lasts a ridiculously long time.

Candles – Which scents will you be burning this time of year?

Candles are a big thing in our house, my Husband cannot go near  TK Maxx without buying at least one. We spend all year stocking up christmas candles so we can burn them everyday over Christmas.   Currently we have a  Bahoma Graprefruit and Lime (not very autumnal but lovely and fresh smelling) and a Tilly Parker Orchid and Ginseng (now this one is very seasonal.) I am pretty sure Tilly Parker is one of TK Maxx’s fake brands but whatever they smell great and last forever.

What do you love most about Autumn?

I love dressing the kids up for Halloween.  I get pretty overexcited when it comes to doing costumes for the kids and so Halloween is always an excuse to go all out.  Here is Charlottes Web, The Worst Witch, Alice in Wonderland and a generic party witch.  I actually sat for 2 days at my sewing machine to make the Alice dress as all the shop bought ones looked nothing like the real one, obsessed much.  The spiders web tutu and stitched t-shirt were other homemade pieces.

Favourite Makeup look

I really enjoy getting my pale skin back so that I can crack out the berry colours.  I really like more plum lips and blushes.  I also love metallic eyes, so my Urban Decay Naked Palette gets used constantly.  A recent re-discovery was my Bobbi Brown Long wear Cream Shadow in Berry Noir, this is a great plumy/metallicy brown that can be worn as an eyeliner if you use a decent amount on a liner brush or you can sheer it out for an eyeshadow.  I am also seriously in love with OPI My Private Jet nail varnish at the moment.

Bobbi Brown Long wear Cream Shadow in Berry Noir


What are you looking forward to most this season?

One of my favourite things to do as the nights get darker is, light the fire on the Lounge, put on some candles, get the Harry Potter Lego out and then we put on a Harry Potter film.  One each Sunday till Christmas.  This is a great way to spend a miserable Sunday afternoon with the kids.

Over to you… feel free to join the TAG and link to it below.  What are your favourite things about Autumn?

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Jen27 · October 18, 2014 at 9:52 pm

Fun tag! Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year. Berry Noir looks absolutely gorgeous 🙂


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