At Last – A Beauty Box that isn’t a Rip Off

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I don’t know where I first heard of Latest in Beauty (LIB), beauty boxes, but what made me look twice was the unique idea, that you got to see what was in it before you paid.  Now I’m sure this spoils the fun for a lot of you, but for me it was a godsend.  I hate the idea of handing over money for a pile of tat I could get in the Poundshop for less, but just wrapped in a pretty box.
LIB is different to other beauty boxes because they list all the products that the box contains and you just buy it the same way as you buy anything else.  I think this is great as it inspires them to keep creating great boxes and also means that they will get lots of repeat customers as they will hopefully like the contents seen as they already know what they are getting. My favourite part is that I can research the products and see whether they are likely to be useful to me or suitable for my skin/hair.  You can even create your own box if you like, I wasn’t so keen on this part though as the products were a little less exciting.
I started off with the Caudalie Ployphenol C15 box for £9.95 inc P&P! I did a quick price comparrison and the products work out as worth around £30. I had been wanted to try Caudalie products for a while as wanted to incorporate a really good antioxidant and skin protector into my routine.  The prices had however put me off, the last thing I need is another unsuitable beauty product remonstrating me from my dressing table.
I enjoyed my first foray into the world of Beauty Boxes so much that I have already purchased their latest offering.  It is called the Glamour Beauty Power List 2014 and has a host of 5 star products that I had been interested in trying for just £16 inc P&P. I even had a 10% off code so it cost just over £14 all in.  This was such a good deal I bought two, one for me and one for a giveaway  as they look so good.  It has Liz Earle, Laura Mercier and Bourjois to name a few, it also includes a whole years subscription to Glamour magazine on your iPad.
See my post here for a full review of the Caudalie Polyphenol goodies I got.  I will also be posting the giveaway soon after I receive the Glamour Box, so keep your eyes peeled.
Latest in Beauty have not sponsored this post, nor do I receive any commission from my links, this is just something great I wanted share.

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