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I love reading these posts on other peoples blogs as you get a quick summary review of a bunch of products you might otherwise not have tried.

Gok Wan Gorgeous Body Butter

I don’t think I have ever been more satisfied to finish a product.  I am rubbish at applying body lotion/butter, this is probably because I have oily skin, so need to less than most, but obviously my feet (aaargggh) shins and forearms still need a good moisturise to look half decent.   I got this as a Christmas gift about 5 years ago, and only just got round to using it.  It is so old that they don’t even stock it anymore! The age hasn’t effected it one bit though.
I used most of the other products in the set quickly as they have a really lovely fragrance, but this just got left behind.  I find this is a really effective body butter, though it can leave your skin a little tacky for 15 mins or so afterwards, so maybe not one to apply before wearing a chiffon dress!

Would I Buy It Again?  Yes, if I ever run out of body moisturiser (this is incredibly unlikely though as I have about 8 currently circling the house looking for a dry spot to get smeared on.)

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean

I am sure I have rattled on about this before.  This is my everyday cleanser since discovering the wonderful Caroline Hirons site.  It is a balm/cream cleanser and I use just 1 pump and massage into my face morning and night to remove makeup and skin products.  I find this does a great job and emulsifying the products so they can be easily wiped away with a warm muslin cloth.  The fruit acids in it also give it a bit extra oomph when it comes to exfoliation.  This can also be worn as a mask if you want so more deep cleansing.  It smells like peaches hence the name, but when I say it smells like peaches I mean it, not that sickly canned peach smell, more like bowl of peaches with that slightly musty dusty tang to them.  I only buy this when it is 3 for 2 or a third off so it works out at around £5 a bottle which I think is very reasonable.  I think this is a good budget choice of balm cleanser for us oily-skinned girls.

Would I Buy It Again?  Yep, and I have one in my spares drawer already

Soap and Glory Hand Food

Good old Hand Food, there really is nothing else to say about this.  “Is it the most astonishing hand cream ever?” as asked on the bottle, nope but it is good for the price and has that classic S&G scent.

Would I Buy It Again? Probably, though I slightly prefer the scent of the sanctuary one and the efficacy of the La Roche Posay Cicaplast.

Rimmel French Manicure Polish in Rose Praline

I do not like this, so I have thrown it out.  It is supposed to be a neutral for your nails, but has sparkle in it, Rubbish!  It also claims that it can last up to 10 days chip free, hmmm let me see, more like 10 hours, absolute pants.

Would I Buy It Again? No

Phyto Hydrating Mask

I got this in a gift set and thought it was going to be amazing, it has lovely packing like an old metal tooth paste tube and it has no silicones, but theta is where the positives end.  It does absolutely nothing for my bleached hair, it actually makes it worse I would say.  I have used this a handful of times and every time I have wished I hand’t.  My hair looks like straw after using this, and it cannot be tamed by either straighteners or serum.

Would I Buy It Again? Hell No

Alien by Thierry Mugler

I was gutted when this ran out, because I didn’t realise I was on my last spray.  The bottle is quite opaque and also heavy so I thought I had quite a bit left.  This smells lovely for an evening it has jasmine, Amber and a slight floral smell.  I always judges Mr Mugler’s scents to be a teenage and downmarket, but this one is gorgeous.  It isn’t a summer scent at all, but in winter I adore it.  I had been using it for holidays only so that the smell reminded me of good times, it seems to have worked.

Would I Buy It Again? Definitely.  It is on my list as we speak, are your listening Mr Lego, it’s only £26 at the moment?

Aussie – Aussome Volume

I’m sure I have mentioned this before, if not, I love this.  It’s super concentrated so a little goes a long way, it cleans like no bodies business and leaves my hair soft and light. It is nearly always on 3 for £10 so I stock up on this and the 3 minute miracle every couple of months.  This is my Holy Grail Shampoo.

Would I Buy It Again? I already have.

Disney Detangling Spray

I bought this for my 2 girls as both have long hair and have started to look after it themselves (with a bit of help.)  They use this after washing to help brush their hair through, it is very lightweight which is great at the 7 year old has incredibly fine hair like me.  I found this a godsend on holiday when they spend 6 hours at a time in the pool each day.  This stops their hair turning into a crispy mess.  My middle child particularly likes the Rapunzel picture on the bottle and it smells lovely and fruity.  The eldest just likes that it gets her dreaded knots out.

Would I Buy It Again?  Currently in the process of trying to find the same one, we have others but this is their favourite (and mine), it was only £1 in Poundworld/Land whatever…

I’m pretty sure there was more than this, but I am extra specially terrible at remembering to keep all my empties together.

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Jen27 · July 3, 2014 at 1:26 am

Nice picks! I love Thierry Mugler fragrances. Angel is my fave! xo



Emma Something · July 7, 2014 at 1:54 pm

Mmmm I love the Peaches and Clean!! Have just run out myself and was deliberating trying something else out, nah gonna repurchase it! Thanks 🙂

Saffles · July 8, 2014 at 7:38 pm

I adore Peaches and Clean, its an amazing product. I never used to take S&G products seriously – probably because of the cutesy packaging. But I tried that face wash and it got me hooked! Recently tried their Make Yourself Youthful serum and I was blown away – much better than the Clinique and Vichy ones I'd been using and about half the price. Incredible. I'm an S&G convert!! xx

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