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I have been hacking at my hair again.  After last times much needed 3 inch trim, my hair has been steadily returning to it’s original length.  I liked the volume that the shorter style gave me but I like a longer length of hair, and I am also loath to cut my hair off as all women of around 30 do when they have kids.  Why is this?? It isn’t any easier having shorter hair.

So I had a good look around Youtube and watched some good home haircutting videos and settled on a heavily layered look.    I have super fine hair and so layers have to be done carefully, or it just makes my hair even lanker.  I choose to put in 2 layers, one at a bob length, and one further down towards the ends.  I like that I get the volume from the top layer and the length from the ones underneath.
You can see the “faux bob” look in the picture below. 

I did this in my usual cack-handed manner, by just damping my hair (slightly) and then using a comb and some hairdressing scissors I try and get a decent line wherever I want it to be.  I did some softening of the bob by angling the line downwards (only marginally, maybe my 10 degrees further) and by doing a bit of point cutting.  
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