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I’m pretty sure you are all aware of my love for glass nail files by now. I have mentioned them more than once. I am a complete fan of the Leighton Denny ones, but less in awe if the price!

A new brand (well new to me) approached me to see if I would like to try their ones out an give an honest opinion on them, obviously I jumped at the chance. 
I went for the blue ombré effect nail files and they are gorgeous, they look really pretty in your bag or on your dresser.  But most importantly though, they work. They are exactly the same as the Leighton Denny ones but they are much cheaper and come in a multitude of different styles and colours. If you like a bit of sparkle then you will love this brand as they specialise in decorating their products with Swarovski crystals.

The prices are REALLY good even without the 20% discount code that they also let us all have (see end for details)
Clear & Ombre Nail Files 
Small (90mm)   –   £3.38 after discount £2.70
Medium (135mm)  £4.22 after discount £3.38 – Leighton Denny one is £12.50
Large (195mm)      £6.34 after discount £5.07 – Leighton Denny one is £15.50
The Swarowski Elements Files
Small (90mm)   –   £6.76 after discount £5.41
Medium (135mm)  £8.45 after discount £6.76 
Large (195mm)      £6.34 after discount £5.07
These are really hygienic as they just need washing and they are good to go again, they also come with a lifetime abrasive surface guarantee.

I also got to try their tweezers and was again really delighted with them, they have excellent grip on the tips (so no painful multiple attempts on the same hair) and the slanted tips make it easy to be precise. They also have rubberised handles to make it easier hold. Again they come in either plain colours (£3.38 with discount) or jewelled versions (£8.12 with discount).

I will be doing a seperate post on the glass foot file as this really intrigued me, here it is though and it costs just £13.52 or £10.82 with discount, which for an everlasting file is pretty cheap. The general gist of the post is that they are great.
They also kindly threw in some cute rose gold studs £5.40 (with discount) that are great for every day neutral wear. They come in loads of different colours but these I thought were really pretty to just add a bit of sparkle.

Here is the Mont Bleu website. You will need to choose £’s in the top right corner to see the prices in our currency. P&P is only £2.53 or free if you spend over £32
Mont Bleu very kindly offered all my readers 20% off which means that it is even cheaper so you can get nail file exactly like the standard Leighton Denny medium one for £5.91(inc P&P) instead of £12.50!
Just type in “BLOG” at the checkout to get your 20% off.
I think I know what my friends will be getting for their birthday presents and Christmas!
*This is not a sponsored post but the products were given to me free to test.  The opinions expressed are completely my own, I have no interest in trying to encourage people to buy things that I think are pants.

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