L’Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Review

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Who doesn’t want to look like they have been photoshopped in real life? I was on the lookout for a new primer after my pores had started to become more noticeable and so when I saw this advertised I figured it was worth a try.  


I had a bit of time to kill in Cork whilst away on a mini-break and so I hit Boots. Luckily they had a tester out, so I could see what the texture was like before buying.  I tried this on the back of one hand and Benefit’s The Porefessional on the back of the other.  They are remarkably similar products, but L’Oreals is MUCH cheaper.   I also tried the Baby Skin version from Maybelline which was just a basic silicone primer. I tried to take a photo, to show you, but my camera doesn’t photo skin very well, and I just ended up with 2 photos of my horrid hands.

L’Oreal claims that this blurs fine lines and pores while providing a matte texture and it does exactly that.  It reminds me of the Clinique Pore Minimiser but easier to apply and with no tint.  
I have only been using this for a few days so I can’t say whether long term use might result in breakouts but I can tell you it works.  If like me you are getting the first signs of ageing and would like your skin to look more flawless and less shiny then I reckon you will like this.  I also feel it helps control oil which is a big plus for me.
I wear it on top of my La Roche Posay Antihelios XL tinted sunscreen and then apply Revlon Colorstay on top.  This results in a matte-yet-fresh finish, which is as close to real skin like as I can get, while still getting good coverage for my uneven skin tone.
The Revitalift Magic Blur is currently on offer at boots with a 1/3rd off so it cost just £8.66 for 30ml.  As a comparison Benefit’s The Porefessional is £24.50 for 22ml. 
There is another version of this which is a daytime moisturiser that claims it has retinol in, which as I’m sure you know I love.  However it is Retinyl Palminate which is a lower potency version of retinol and so I doubt it is much more than a marketing gimmick.
L’Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur – 4 stars (I have left a star off for the pants packaging, I would have preferred a pump.)

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