Batiste XXL Plumping Powder Review

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I have had this for about 2 months since I got my hair cut shorter. I was suffering from severely flat hair seen as all the damaged hair had been cut out which left me with super soft but very flat hair. A fellow blogger (Sarah at Seriously Shallow) recommended this to me, so I thought I would give it a go.


This product comes in a small shaker which is an ideal size for chucking in your handbag. I shook a little bit out onto my finger tips to see how it felt and the first thing I noticed was it’s bizarre texture. It comes out like a powder then when you rub it between your fingers it feels sticky, it is really weird. I thought I would give it a go so I sectioned off my hair and sprinkled it onto the roots massaging it in with fingertips. I was pretty disgusted at this once I had done it as it felt like someone had rubbed my roots with Pritt Stick. It really does feel gross and I feel sorry for any man who wants to run his fingers through your hair.


It works! It is by far the best volume giving product I own and so quick to apply. It lasts really well as to reactivate it you just rub your fingers through your roots again. I guess it works by creating a textured coating on the hair which when rubbed makes the individual hairs stand out again each other. The other things I like about this is that it doesn’t smell of anything, and even on my dark roots it is undetectable.

The wall in my bedroom seems to have changed from Cream to Green in the photo???

Do I like it?

Yes, I will definitely be repurchasing it.

Would I use it everyday day?

No. The feeling is too weird, but it is great for going out. It also needs a double shampoo to get it out, I am sat here now with freshly washed hair after using it last night and I think there is still some lurking about up top.


  • Size – a third of the size of a bottle of dry shampoo plus no aerosol so better for the enviroment
  • Gives Your hair serious volume
  • Invisible on the hair
  • Complete Bargain


  • The feel, it’s revolting

£3.99 at Superdrug or Boots

Overall Rating – 4 stars (would be 5 if it didn’t feel like glue)

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Saffles · May 8, 2014 at 1:54 pm

So glad you liked it! Although you're right about the texture – its a bit weird! Great for a night out though. Its a good secret weapon 🙂

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