PH Levels of Skincare Products and Why it Matters

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I have been immersing myself in Caroline Hirons amazing blog recently and was introduced to the concept of our skin having an acid mantle.  Now although that sounds (to me at least) like the hard crusty mantle of the Earth, I have been reassured it is not, and is infact an outer (invisible) layer on our skin that keeps everything in balance.  This mantle is usually at under PH 5 hence the name Acid Mantle. Common Knowledge puts the PH at 5.5 but this is a figure based on readings taken after people have showered and used cosmetic products. (see this article for more info)

Why Does it Matter What PH your Skin Care Products Are?

If you alter the PH balance of your outer skin then you can encourage acne to grow as it likes an alkaline environment in which to thrive.  It can also encourage other bacteria to grow and create skin infections, there are studies linking your skin’s acid mantle to a whole host of skin issues such as Psoriasis, dermatitis etc..

What Can You do to Protect your Acid Mantle.

The number one rule is don’t use soap, or anything foaming.  This applies equally to the skin on your body too.  I was a lover of all things foaming for my oily skin, as it feels as though you have removed every last trace of oil which is a good feeling after a day of shining like a light house, but I have been informed that this will leave me prone to acne and other nasties.  I don’t still believe in the hypothesis that moisturising oily skin helps regulate oil production.  Every time I try it, it just gives me more oily skin (even if I stick at it for a month, same goes for my hair)

Also washing with water more than necessary can be harmful as tap water regularly has a PH of 7.5 – 8 (I bet mines about 8.5 based on the amount of limescale on my shower screen – runs off to check…ok only 8 but still!) One shower a day is plenty.

So armed with this new knowledge I decided to do some GCSE Chemistry and ordered myself a pack of PH strips so I could see what PH all the products currently residing in my bathroom are.

Here are the not very surprising results.


Well you learn something new everyday.  Note to self – give foaming face washes to husband or use to clean the bathroom with.

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Emma Something · April 25, 2014 at 12:42 pm

Wow! This is really interesting! Thanks for doing this! Also I give my husband things I deem not good enough for my skin too!! Heehee! xx

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