Maybelline Matte Maker Powder Review

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I picked the new Maybelline Matte Maker Powder up on a whim when I needed a new face powder. It was only £4 and seemed to be a blatant copy of Rimmel’s Stay Matte (which I like but don’t love) down to the lack of mirror and powder puff too. That is unfortunately where the comparisons end. 
I put it on first thing on a morning with my usual make up look, over my foundation. It applied well but the colour was a little too light. I cursed myself for not going darker but they had not had the good grace to provide testers so I could try the colour out on my hand (I looked at both Boots and Superdrug) I went for 20 Nude Beige which was second to lightest as I still have my winter skin tone.  This was not a good choice, it is still very light. The texture is not as smooth as my L’Oreal True Match but not terrible, it did however leave me looking decidedly powdered rather than just matte. Fast Forward one hour and low and behold my shine was back. I didn’t even get back from the school run before this needed touching it.  It promises to keep you matte with it’s special oil absorbing formula, I think they may need to work on this claim.
I am now deciding whether to return this. I have done that before with a mascara that did nothing that it promised on it’s packaging and Boots were happy to exchange it for me. I feel like some beauty companies are happy to promise the world with no come uppance and sometimes a point needs to be made. According to your consumer rights if a product is not “fit for purpose” then you have every right to return it.  Now I guess you can say that with beauty products that they can’t work for everyone, but I figure a mattifying powder that doesn’t keep you Matte is a pretty basic fail.
What do you think? Have you ever returned anything that didn’t deliver on it’s promises?
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