Birthday Presents !!!!

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It’s my birthday today!!!

I thought I would share with you some of the gifts I was given as my family bought me some lovely thoughtful gifts and I am so pleased with all my new things. Thank you so much everyone !!!


I got a new wallet as my old one, which my husband bought me as a wedding present was starting to give up the ghost after 5 years.  I went for a bright coral Michael Kors one with a strap and it also holds your iPhone too.  I am hoping this will solve my regular dilemma of what to take when I go out.  My Husband bought me this whilst we were in Vegas as they are a whole lot cheaper there it worked out at about £60! bargain.

My Brother-in-Law always buys such thoughtful gifts and bought me a set of Molton Brown toiletries which I am delighted with as I love their products. I can’t wait to try them all out.

My Mum bought me these cute ballet pumps for everyday wear.  They were only £26 from Next. I am hoping they will add a bit of sparkle to the school run and be comfy too.  The grey will hopefully go with most things and yet avoid my usual pitfall of being black.  I also got a lovely bunch of flowers with chocolates, wine and a balloon (which the kids stole before it even got through the door).

My Grandmother-in-law got me the cutest voucher from M&S, the teabag is the gift voucher! Very lovely idea, and I can use it to treat myself in their new much improved beauty department.

I also kind of bought myself a present along with some money Dad gave me for my Birthday.  My old iPad2 was starting to really annoy me, it is so heavy and makes any bag I put it in ridiculously unwieldy.  I spent ages researching the best new light tablets and in the end I settled with the iPad mini.  I have an iMac at home and an iPhone and for a short time I very nearly switched over to the dark side (Android. ) But in the end the larger screen size of this over the Nexus 7 won.. Even better I got £145 for my old one so to upgrade just cost me £60.  I bought it here…  and it only weighs 300g.  It is a lot easier to hold here is a comparison.

My Parents-in-law sent me some money so I have treated myself to these lovely things off my Amazon wish list.  This was an ideal present as I can get a bit of what I want and a bit of what I need.

I ordered a new eyeshadow brush after my son massacred my MAC 213, a long handled blusher brush as my current one is a bit stubby.  I went with Real Techniques for both as I have been happy with the other brushes I have ordered and the price is good too.  I also repeat ordered some Seche Vite as it is super cheap at the moment on Amazon and a cute Ladybird Paddle Brush for travelling.

real-techniques brushes

Thank you very much everyone, you have made me a very happy girl

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dianespainting · March 1, 2014 at 1:44 pm

I have several of the Real Techniques brushes and they are as good as any of the more expensive brushes I own. The PixiWoo girls give great lessons on their Youtube channel….mildly addictive, to say the least.
I am so thrilled to be able to enjoy your blog each day.
Happy Birthday!
Diane in Canada

Donna · March 1, 2014 at 1:56 pm

I am so excited to try the brushes out, I have the flat headed foundation one which is great for buffing so fingers crossed that these are just as good. The pixie woo girls are SO talented, I try not to watch too much of their channel or I end up loosing several hours of my day! Thanks for the Birthday wishes it means a lot xxx

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