May Loving.. Seche Vite and St Moriz review also Coralista dupe

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I have been loving…

Seche Vite
Every beauty bloggers go-to top coat.   This stuff is absolutely amazing.  It give miror like shine along with amazing durability (5 days so far.) You need to apply it when the colour coat is still wet so that it bonds with it. Some bloggers report shrinkage (not a problem here)  but I love this stuff, makes even a mediocre nail varnish look expensive.


St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse  £4 ish
Another Beauty blogger favourite with the worlds poorest attempt at a rip off name.  If you have never heard of this, as many of my freinds hadn’t, then let me introduce you. Since my holiday I have been using this every forth day and have stayed tanned.  The colour is lovely,  I use medium.  This self tan doesn’t suffer with the same problem many others do, namely it looks okay even before yoiu have showered off the coloured top coat which you use to help you achieve an even application.  I apply it using good old latex gloves and give the bottle a good rinse down afterwards to keep it clean (some others had noted it gets a bit grubby looking).  I can’t believe how cheap this stuff is compared to a spray tan and I don’t need to get naked in front of a stranger.  The only bad point is that I can’t do my own back.

Coralista Dupe (UK only sorry)
I have had Benefit’s Coralista on my beauty products to buy last since Christmas after my Dad bought it for me as a gift, the price however has put me off until… I was in Superdrug the other day and they had 3 for 2 on all make up and I saw an amazing Coral blusher with gold flecks from Beauty UK (yep, never heard of them either) it was only £2.99 so worth a shot.  I believe the colour is called Rustic Peach and it is lovely on, a little goes a long way and really brightens up your face.


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