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After my cringe inducing post earlier in the week here are my first casualties of the cull.  It is a real mix of products and their main crimes are excessive duplication and age.

There are a fair few of the those horrible mould magnets called body puffs in there too, I wish beauty gift boxes wouldn’t use them as fillers.
The only products that are actually terrible in there are;
L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream 
This is pants and has a truly naff name.  They claim to have a technology that matches the colour to your skin tone (bull crap) it’s just some little spheres that pop when you rub it in, it leaves a horrible chalky residue, feels gross (all sandy) and delivers zero moisture.  I can honestly give this 0/10 even the packaging is low rent.
VO5 Root Boost Mousse
This just leaves roots crispy and if you brush it to remove the crispy tacky feeling then it comes out.  Very poor.
Dimethicone based conditioners, serums etc… 
I have always loved the feeling these give my hair but unfortunately I have learnt that they have been the main contributors in my hairs eternal limpness.  I think if you have frizzy dry hair than these are for you.  If you have fine soft hair then they are just too heavy and weigh it down.  I have deep cleansed my hair with a particularly strong shampoo (Tres Semme Cleansing Shampoo) which can remove the build up of dimethicone as isn’t water soluble so just stays in your hair. I have been using dimethicone conditioners for over 10 years, and since using the new shampoo it has so much more body. I still need to condition the ends with something without dimethicone but this has worked wonders for me.  
Here is a picture of before and after (I wish you could beauty blog without having to put pictures of yourself up) It’s nothing that looks that amazing, but bear in mind the first shot was taken after adding thickening products and blow drying with my head upside down.  The second shot was taken after washing my hair last night then going to bed with it damp (I try to let my hair dry naturally as much as possible), and just straightening the ends to stop the frizz this morning.


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