Is The Clarisonic Worth The Money?

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I have waited nearly 6 months to write this review so I could write an honest opinion. I really wanted this to be great. I had read so many glowing reviews by fellow bloggers and it seems like my skincare prayers could be answered.  At £120, it was definitely one of the, if not the most expensive beauty products I have ever bought.  So I thought that miracles may just be winging their way to me along with my latest toy.  I have combination skin, with small bumps under my forehead and I get blackheads around my nose and chin.  Many of the reviews I read noted how their skin cleared up after using this, so I hoped it would be just the thing for my confused skin.


My first impressions were very good, it is well built and easy to use.  The first time I used it with the cleanser that came with it, it really did remove my make up better, the brush was very grubby looking.  My skin was left feeling very soft and beautifully clean.  I carried on using the Clarisonic (with its sensitive head that it came with) daily and I got a few extra spots to begin with, this though, I was expecting, as if it was cleaning my skin more thoroughly, then surely the underlying impurities would need to come out.

However after one month of using this, I could not say my skin was any different.  It was cleaner but it had no fewer blemishes. I have carried on using this but more as a tool to cleanse and exfoliate, I don’t think it cleans any better than using an aspirin mask every other day. The aspirin mask works out at 30p for 16 tablets so 4p a go (if using 2 tablets), therefore 60p a month. If I used this for 2 years it would cost me £5 a month.   I also feel the Aspirin mask has the added benefit of cleaning out the pores below the dermis, and it also smooths and brightens the skin.  At 8 times the price I do not feel this is good value for money.  It is however much quicker.  The Clarisonic only takes 1 minute compared to 10 or so for the Aspirin mask.

I was also advised that the heads would need changing every 3 months and that they cost about £25, this is not the case, if you give them a wash with a facial wash then mine is still in great condition, see picture below after 6 months


Would I buy it again?
No I would not, I am considering selling it in fact.  I would recommend it as a good exfoliator though if it were only £30 or so.

Do I still use it?

Yes, but more as an exfoliator and skin brightener.

Is my skin any better?

Perhaps 10% better…maybe?

I hate having to write bad reviews but I wanted to give a balanced opinion on such an expensive product.



Anonymous · January 17, 2013 at 11:00 am

Hi donna thansk for that. I have recently started following your blog and i love it! Some of the earlier posts are reaally interesting especially on makeup etc as i always can so with tips on that. I use nivea gentle exfoliating scrub every second day and that seems to keep the blackheads under control and brighten my face. Thanks again. Aisling

Stephanie · January 23, 2013 at 6:52 am

I just got rid of mine because it's too irritating to my skin, even with the delicate brush. Plus I find the brush heads hard to clean. Great review. Normally all you hear are rave reviews with the product, but it doesn't work for everyone.

Relaxed Chic · January 23, 2013 at 9:54 am

I'm glad I am not the only one. I may have to try the Nivea scrub (once I have used up all my other products)
I agree about it being irritating particularly on winter skin. Hopefully one day I will fing my Holy Grail skin product. xx

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