6 Tips to fight the first signs of ageing in your thirties

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I know it comes to us all, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasant when it happens to us. There are a few initial signs of decline that I have started to notice since I turned 33.  My skin seems less flush, my cheeks less full and fine lines are appearing on my forehead and around my eyes.  My lips are loosing their colour and my hands look like old lady hands.
I can’t say with any degree of honesty that I have been the most vigilant in protecting myself from the sun, I love a tan in summer, or even better in the dead of winter after a holiday someone hot. This is what I have figured out so far for myself. I have read a few anti ageing books (I’m looking at you “The Anti Ageing Beauty Bible”) but they are aimed at the more mature market and also seem obsessed with recommending £50 serums when I’m sure £20 ones would be just as good.

1. Wear Lipstick
In my teens and twenties I rarely bothered with lip colour, it was lost on me and so I just used gloss. I have noticed that as I age the middle of my lips seem to be fading, I look weirdly ill without lip colour and so have resorted to using a lip stain first thing every day, see my post here on long lasting make up.  I have also started experimenting with every old ladies favourite, lipstick.  I own a couple now, none quite perfect but getting closer, I need something that is a more corally version of my natural lip colour and this is currently alluding me!

2. Wear Blusher
Again this was a waste of time in my teens (and didn’t go with my carefully honed grunge look either) however now I am lost without it.  I have recently discovered Benefit Coralista which I adore, but any blusher is better than none.  The only time I go without is when I will be drinking as my cheeks always flush when I drink wine, so i avoid blush on these occasions to avoid looking like I have just finished a Marathon.

3. Use Retinol
This is the easiest product to use on mid thirties skin as it is both anti ageing and good at reducing spots (unfortunately still needed) it can be quite drying, even on my oily skin so is best used under a moisturiser.

4. Apply face powder on the T Zone only
I normally use powder to set a look and reduce shine, but I have had to become more light handed. What small amount of radiance my skin now garners, needs to be visible so I skip powder on anywhere that doesn’t really need it, it can also accentuate fine lines so a thin coat is all that is needed on your forehead

5. Exfoliation and Facial Massage
I use the Clarisonic most days to exfoliate which reveals the less tired looking skin underneath.  Then I also massage in all the potions and lotions so that my blood moves around my skin more and gives me more of a glow. I find these two things the best at keeping me looking youthful.

6. Wear Hand Cream
This is a must, it is also very hard to remember,  I like The Sanctuary Hand Cream as it is very rich and it smells gorgeous, but I use whatever is closest to hand. I have hand cream all over my house/handbag/car and still only manage 2 or 3 times on a good day, which is vastly inadequate when you was your hands as often as I do ( I have a 2 year old).

This is just what is working for me, has anyone else got any tips to keep young and beautiful?


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