Tips for a Relaxed Christmas

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I absolutely adore Christmas, but I have a tendency to over commit with regards to what I intend to do, so this year I want to get as much of the prep work done in advance so that the holiday time we have together as a family can be stress free.  I hope to have some time this year to do the details, to wrap my presents nicely, to watch Christmas films with my kids and to cook some new recipes. Here are my top tips for a stylish yet relaxed Christmas;


  • Limit your colour palette and try to stick to a theme with your decorating, this also applies to Christmas lights, choose 1 colour for outside your home and stay with it.
  • I find using natural materials gives your house a chic yet relaxed look.  Check out my Chic Christmas Pinterest Board for inspiration

star-garlandI hope to make this cute star garland for my Kitchen from Confetti Pop

Outfit choices

  1. For Christmas day try to think about what you’ll be doing, the gorgeous sequin dress will only work if your having Christmas Dinner in a hotel, if you have to cook the dinner, wear something easy to move in.  Will you be going to church, do you go for a walk after dinner, do you spend time playing with the kids on the floor.  Bear these things in mind when choosing what to wear.
  2. Try to wear soft luxurious fabrics with just a hint of sparkle, you want to look elegant and glamorous but at the same time effortless.

LK Bennet black ribbon Valeria dress, Cute cosy outfit by 9to5chic, sequin dress by Freemans


  • Take your time wrapping your gifts to make them look extra special.  Start early and do them in batches then you will have time for the ribbon and bows that make the presents look well thought out.



  • Start early and book your hair/nail/threading appointments now, before the rush.
  • Spend time each week on maintenance tasks such as intensive conditioners and face masks so that by Christmas you look your best.


  • Don’t just decide what you want to eat, but decide how you are going to present it, check you have the platters and serving bowls you need now, so you have time to go get whatever will help your food look it’s best.  
  • Check your table decoration ideas too, see what you already have and what is needed to finish off the look.


Got to love a bit of lifestyle porn at Christmas, care of Nigella


  • Book taxis so you can wear your best heels without ruining them or your feet.
  • Book the babysitter for 30 minutes before you need her so you can finish getting ready in peace, feeling rested and relaxed is a large part of looking good.
  • Invest some time and money in longwear makeup, so your look last the whole night.


  • Cook or prep everything you can in advance so that you can enjoy the festivities too, buy in some of the items so you can save your time for the finishing details.
  • Do your cleaning or book your cleaner to come the day before your guests arrive so your house feels fresh but you are not hurried.


decodivadebi and canapes by Williams Sonoma

Have you got any good tips for making less work at Christmas?

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Stephanie · December 7, 2012 at 2:01 pm

Love Nigella! Great tips offered here. I need them. The holidays are always so hectic.

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