How to keep your makeup looking good all day

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I really enjoy doing my make up each morning, it’s something I always look forward to as it has such instant results, unlike parenting.  However… I don’t have the time for constant touch ups. I trawled the internet for ages before my wedding to get the best ideas and Lisa Eldridge has a great Youtube video on this.  This is what I have managed to learn so far…

The best tip I have learnt for make up that lasts all day is layering

  • I use a lip stain and balm, not a lipstick.  The lip stain does what it says and the lip balm provides the moisture.  There are so many of these on the market now you can just take your pick.  You also get to pick the finish, whether glossy, matte, or with a slight sheen.
  • I apply my foundation and then set it by pushing a loose powder into the T-zone area with a powder puff (very 50’s), This is not a great idea for around the eyes, as powder accentuates fine lines. I always sweep over my face with a big brush so I don’t look chalky.
  • I use eyeliner everyday as my eyes look undefined without it.  My favourite is MAC Fluidline, it stays put all day, swatch a sample on the back of your hand next time your in a beauty hall and see how long it lasts, you will really have to rub it off. You apply it with a slanted eyeliner brush as this is far easier to control and you can really get in between the eyelashes, so no white gaps. I then apply a brown matte eyeshadow over the top to “set” it and  also use it to blend to make the line look less harsh. I use the Laura Mercier Smudge Brush for this.

My absolute favourite long lasting products are;

  • Revlon Colorstay foundation (for oily skin) this stuff is great, Bobbi Brownesque colours and finish, with a Revlon price tag.  I have this in my Summer and Winter shades, and I just mix the two to get the right colour. Only downside for me is no pump, so you have to be very careful about hygeine when getting the product from the bottle) 
  • Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush – I love that this gives you such a healthy looking flush.  You need to use this before powder as it is a liquid formula but you only need a drop or two and it lasts for ages.  I have had mine for over a year, I use it daily, there is still at least half left.  I used to use MAC blushes but I very rarely bother with them now.

There are a couple of Urban Decay products I use if I am going to wedding or something that my look needs to last all day and night.  They are De-slick (sold as Skindinavia No More Shine Make Up Finish in the US and Australia) and Eyeshadow Primer.  I am still in two minds about their efficacy.  My makeup does last but I’m not sure whether it would have anyway, I have read so many positive reviews about them so I will leave it to you.

Some products no matter how great or innovative never last longer than a few hours, the most obvious being lip gloss, don’t waste your money trying to find one that does.

What works for you?

Any suggestions that will help my reach my Nirvana of makeup-that-stays-put-all-day will be gratefully received x

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