15 point Manifesto for French Living

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After being inspired by reading John Naish’s amazing book Enough, I wanted to focus on a less wasteful more aesthetic way of living. I read up on the French way of eating and living, as the traditional European way of life, focuses on making the most of what you have and not over-consumption. I compiled a list of resolutions that I am going to aim for in November.

1. Eat more generous meals, but don’t snack.
2. Eat real food, no pre-prepared junk, try eat food as close to it’s natural state as possible, go for quality over quantity.
3. Look after what I have and only buy quality items if I really need them.
4. No shopping for anything but food or christmas presents.
5. Moderate my alcohol intake, keep to 1 glass on weeknights.
6. Slow down, drive slower to save fuel and the car’s paintwork!
7. Slow down, eat more slowly and savour each bite, put my fork down between bites.
8. Walk when/wherever possible.
9. Read the books, wear the clothes, play the games, watch the films I already own. Don’t keep things for best and then rarely use them.
10.Spend time on grooming, paint my nails, deep condition my hair, give myself facemasks.
11. Dress well everyday, not just special days.  Wear stylish outfits even at home when relaxing, try to look put together.  Aim for a 7/10
12. Lay the table for every meal, use napkins, water glass and jug etc.. don’t sit in front of the computer or TV and zone out.
13. Sing more, dance more, socialise more, get out of the house more
14. Work together with everyone, make all your relationships a partnership not a contest.

15. Do good, offer help and be there for others

Have I missed anything?

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Anonymous · November 12, 2012 at 10:29 am

Absolutely spot on. Especially love point 14, what a delightful principle to live by. Great post.

Relaxed Chic · November 12, 2012 at 10:01 pm

Thanks Elizabeth, point 14 is probably the most important part, i agree, theres no point fighting your corner all the time with people you love x

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