Best Products for Fine Hair

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If, like me, you have fine lank hair, you will know how frustrating it is to try and get some volume going on. Endless articles advising you to backcomb (the backcombing just shows through), apply mousse (goes crispy) and other stupid ideas just serve to frustrate me further.

This is my hair at it’s most volumicious, rubbish, I know! but still better than it would be otherwise.

I also have hair that looks greasy if not washed everyday, and again, advice just to wash it less and it will adjust, must be written by those with dry hair!

Here are my life savers-

1. Big Hair Styler


I love this product, makes getting the blowdryed hair look effortless. Even for someone as impatient as me, this works a treat. Tip – hair must be almost dry before using.

2. Samy Icing


This is a great pick me up half way through the day when your hair has lost whatever oomph it had somehow managed to garner. You just spray it onto your fingertips and rub into the roots where you need volume. Feels a little crunchy, but brushes out and you can still run your fingers through most of your hair without them getting stuck.

3. Getting your hair highlighted

This sounds like overkill, but the roughed up hair cuticle that is produced from bleaching your hair means that your hair will look thicker. This obviously only works on those who like their hair to be lighter than their natural colour.

4. Dry Shampoo
I think most everyone in the world knows about this by now, but for those who don’t this is a godsend for those of us who need to wash our hair everyday, the powder absorbs grease and also bulks up roots. I have taken to using loose face powder on my hair, i buy it in a translucent colour from a cheap brand then rub a small amount through my roots. I find the aerosol cans leave a white residue and also cost a lot for minimal product.

What are your favourite products?


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