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As much as I love make up, I also love having time to do other things… like eating breakfast, reminding my kids to flush the loo, emptying the dishwasher (oh the glamour!)


So for me the quality I seek most in any lip colour product is longevity. I like anything that stains my lips so all I need to do is apply some balm or gloss during the day to keep them moisturised.
I used to use Benetint when I was younger but it was always rather patchy on application, so I left it to the strippers and their nipples.

I then graduated to all over lip liners. My favoutites were, and still are No7 and Rimmel. These give you the benefit of a larger range of colour but again they are a pain in the butt to blend. My favourites are Tiramisu, Addiction and Spice.

My latest find are Maybelline’s Colorstay 24 hr (bit if an exaggeration) lip colour. They have two ends, one for the stain and one for the balm and they really do work. The stain glides on beautifully and then you wait a few minutes (I usually get on with the rest of my make up) then apply the balm or whatever gloss you fancy. I use the Rose Dust Heather something or another and Absolute Plum. I usually get around 8 hours from them which for me is pretty good going.

Which products do you find really give good staying power? any suggestions gratefully received

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