Laura Mercier Smudge Brush Review

Published by Donna Coppack on

Laura Mercier Smudge Brush
£20.50 Space NK


I bought this after watching one of Lisa Eldridge’s amazing videos
Until now I had been using Ruby and Millie’s old eyeliner brush but it wasn’t easy to control and hard to gain depth with for the smokey eye look (which I wear every day just in different shades; brown, grey, olive, bronze, plum, black, even navy!)
This brush is great! Absolutely ideal for the job for which it was made. Can’t say I love the price though, hopefully it will work out a bargain on a cost per use basis.

Update 08/11/2012
I am still using this brush on a daily basis a year on.  I can’t recommneded it highly enough.  It washes up well and does a great job of smudging.  So far it has cost me 6p per day…

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